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Video Poker Games - Learn Info About Video Poker Gaming

Video poker is a relaxing casino game that has attracted many players over the years. This game is based on Jacks or Better poker and players will not have to compete against other players for payouts. The game is played with a single player and the goal is to create the best five card poker hand possible. With online video poker, players will find there are many game options, each offering various betting limits and great payouts. Online video poker is a great way to enjoy casino action while adding winnings to the casino account.

Video poker is a simple game and most of the variations that are offered will use basic graphics to present the playing field. There are multiple variations that can be enjoyed, each offering a little twist on the game. Some will have added cards like Jokers while other games will have different payouts for non-traditional poker hands. For example, Aces and Faces will have more paying hands when players create hands using Aces and face cards from the deck.

An exciting version of video poker is the progressive game. A progressive can be offered on different game titles which will vary per casino and software. With progressive games, players will be require to place the maximum bet to win the jackpot and will continue to benefit from regular game payouts along the way. Progressive video poker is offered in all major online casinos and can be a great way to add large amounts to the bankroll.

One of the newest versions of video poker is the multi-hand game. With this type of game, players will have the option of enjoying as many as 100 hands of video poker at the same time. Each hand that is activated will require a bet, so these games can be costly. Microgaming online casinos feature many multi-hand games that will thrill players for hours on end.

Video poker is a great selection for players who enjoy a slower paced game that can still offer real money winnings. There are also many online casinos that offer free games where no cash will be required to play. This is a great way for players to perfect their game strategies and try out different variations online. With so many online casinos operating and so many providers creating multiple variations of the game, there are video poker selections for all types of players online.