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The legal status for online gambling will vary widely based on where players reside, so for those from South Africa, it is important to review current gambling laws prior to accessing any cash casino online. For many years, forms of gambling were banned in South Africa. At this time, land based operations are licensed and regulated, but there are no online casinos allowed to operate within the country. Since many players started to go along with the flow and access online casinos when they emerged, The National Gambling Act of 2004 was passed which prohibited online gambling activities. This law made it completely illegal for casinos to offer cash games and for players to engage in these activities. The only exception is online sports betting.

With this law, players who enjoy casino games had to find other ways to access their favourite games online. This lead to many South African players registering at international online casinos. These casinos are operated in other areas of the world and will accept cash players from this location. In 2008, The National Gambling Amendment Act was passed with the aim to legalise online gambling and introduce a regulation process. However, the act came to a stand still because there has been so much opposition.

In 2010, yet another legal ruling emerged and the High Court rules on gambling transactions online. The result of this was that all gambling activities, even in off shore casinos would be illegal. Any person that is caught engaging in gambling activities online will face a possible fine of R10 million and could also end up serving a 10 year prison sentence. As a result, many banking institutions began to ban the transactions to any online casino, so players then had to find alternative methods of deposits if they still took the chance of playing online.

The act of gambling online is still a major dispute in South Africa and there are appeals that are waiting to be heard. Many people favour gambling online and some believe that regulating it in South Africa will increase revenue and help all residents. At this time, online gambling remains illegal for anyone from South Africa, even though multiple international casinos will still accept these players. It is a chance that players will have to take, hoping they do not get caught until the newest gambling laws are passed.

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