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Any player that has ever entered a land or online casino will be familiar with slot games. These are the most popular choices in any casino setting and are also among the easiest games to play, which is why many new players will start by selecting from the hundreds of online slots that are available. Created by the world's leading software companies, online slots offer many ways to generate cash payouts and will always offer players hours of entertainment and fun. There are multiple types of slot games that can be found online, so players should have a basic understanding of these games before making a decision on what to play.

The most basic slot game found online is a classic or traditional slot. This is the Vegas style three reel game that uses simple graphics and symbols and has minimal paylines. Most of these games will have a single payline, though there are some that offer 5 lines of action. Many traditional slots are offered for a fixed coin value, but the new games that are being released will allow players to choose from different denominations to suit their current budget in the casino.

Of all the slots available, video slots are the top choices. These games are loaded with added features that enhance the gambling experience. Video slots can be found with as little as 9 paylines or as many as 100. These games are primarily penny machines, but will also allow players to increase the denomination for higher bet amounts. With video slots, there are wild and scatters and the games also have bonus rounds. Most video slots will have a free spin round or a second screen bonus and the best games will have a combination of both.

The final type of slot game that will be featured in an online casino is the progressive slot. This can be a traditional or a video style game and it will be linked to a progressive network. While most progressive slot games will require players to pace a maximum bet, there are some games, such as Marvel Comic slots from Playtech and Reel Series Slots from RTG that offer random progressive jackpots with no required wager. Progressive slots are very attractive, but should be played with caution as many games have lower regular payouts and can be costly to play if a maximum bet is required for jackpot eligibility.

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