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Every day, players from around the globe access online casinos to engage in a thrilling activity. With many players coming from multiple countries, international online casinos will often accept most players. For Dutch players, online gambling was legal until a law was passed in 2011. This law was very similar to the laws in the United States, which prohibit banks and financial institutions from processing any cash transaction to or from an online casino. With this new law in place, many Dutch players found it difficult to continue gambling online.

The law did not actually outlaw internet gambling and many players will easily fin great casino sites that will allow them access to cash games. The challenge is finding a banking option that can be used for deposits and withdrawals. At this time, there are no online casinos licensed for Dutch players and the only option is to visit a land casino that is operated by the state monopoly Holland Casino. Otherwise, players will have to bend the rules a bit and continue finding international casinos that support prepaid cards and ewallet payments since credit cards and bank transfers are no longer an option.

There is currently a bill that is being worked on that will allow online casinos to operate with a Netherlands license. This bill has not yet passed, but when it does, it will bring along a 29% gaming tax of all gross profits generated in a casino. While the good news is that Dutch players may soon have access to online casino sites legally, the bad news is the huge tax that will come along with winnings. This may actually force Dutch player to continue playing in off shore sites instead of losing money to the newly imposed tax.

Dutch players can easily find online casinos that will cater to their needs and offer a full list of casino games, from slots to table games. The international casinos that do accept Dutch players are licensed by other jurisdictions and will allow for cash transactions to be completed. These casinos are not operating by Dutch gambling laws, however, players should be aware of the current gaming laws and the proposed changes. Online gambling remains a top activity for Dutch players and with new laws on the table, many online casinos may soon start operating in the Netherlands.

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