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Ever since online gambling was introduced, players from all over the world took an interest and wanted to engage in casino games from home to win real money. In France, many players enjoy the act of gambling and will visit online casino to meet their needs. The issue of internet gambling has caused many disputes and at this time, France has laws in pace that prohibit online gambling. There are no online casinos that are actually licensed and operating in France, but this does not mean that players have no options.

For French players, there are many amazing sites that will accept players and allow them to enjoy the many cash games that are supported. In fact, most international casinos will support the French language and will accept local currencies so players can manage casino accounts. Since so many players are going to off shore casinos to enjoy gambling, the government is planning to make some major changes regarding laws and soon intends to issue gambling licensed for 10 operations in France. The hope is that this will keep players in the country and will help to generate revenue. The goal is to introduce a gambling tax on all winnings in online casinos, which will be equal to about 7.5% for internet wagers on sports events and 2% on online poker. It is not clear what the tax will be for other casino games at this time.

In 2010, the French National Assembly passed a bill that stated all games of chance would be prohibited. This includes common casino games like slots and roulette. All other games are legal and can be enjoyed with no consequence. However, this does not meet the needs of most players, so many are still seeking their action in international casinos.

France will soon be the most regulated country in the gambling industry and with new gaming regulations in the wings, many changes will be made. French players are hoping that legislation is passed to allow casino sites to be licensed in France so that compete gambling experiences can be enjoyed without having to seek out off shore casinos. For now, French players will continue accessing international sites for their needs until an agreement is reached and the latest online gambling laws are passed.

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