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Australian residents love to gamble and since they can enjoy cash games in casinos and pubs in the country, many players have turned to online casinos to meet their gambling needs without ever having to leave home. This country is probably one of the most gamblers friendly in the world and many places throughout the country house popular pokie machines. For players who are looking for complete casino experience, there are great brick and mortar casinos operating. However, when it comes to online casinos, things are a bit different.

While Australian gambling laws do not prohibit the act of gambling online, there are no online casinos that are actually operating in Australia. In fact, the government is against the idea of online casinos because it is believed it will draw players away from the land casinos that are located in the country, reducing revenue. This means that players who want to enjoy games from the comfort of home will have to visit international casino sites that accept Australian players. These are easy to find as the majority of sites will allow these players to create real money accounts using many popular payment methods.

In 2001, the Interactive Gambling Act was passed which does not present criminal charges for those playing in online casinos, but it does prohibit online casinos from accepting business from players accessing sites from Australia. One of the exceptions is sports betting and this is a legal activity that all Australians can enjoy online. The law also prohibits the opening of any online casino in Australia. Even with these laws in place, many international casinos will eagerly accept cash players from Australia and will present them with the amazing opportunity to win real money by playing games they enjoy online.

Australian players continue to enjoy international casinos, but these sites are not able to advertise within Australia. This means that players will have to search for accepting online casinos to find one that will meet their needs. They can then register create a real money account and play any of the games supported for payouts. Despite the laws, no casino operator has yet to be prosecuted or fined under the current laws, so most Australian players do not think twice about accessing reliable online casinos.

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